A New BOOMERS AND BEYOND™ Life Coaching Program
for Improved Well-Being at Any Age

Starting July, 2019

After more than 20 years of life coaching, I’ve created a new, multi-generational, life coaching program for boomers and beyond.  With a focus on seniors, it’s designed to help men and women at ANY age to build a sustainable sense of well-being.  Through building positive relationships, increasing private and public accomplishments, engaging more with life, and exploring possibilities that increase meaning and purpose we can use our strengths for personal growth that will sustain happier hearts.

It’s my purpose to play a positive role in helping to change the contemporary conversation about aging and improve our life experience.

As each of us moves forward on our unique pathways, we’ll increase personal skills, deepen self-awareness, and explore new habits of the heart, thought, and action.  My intention is to avoid age-related stereotypes and assumptions about senior living. BOOMERS AND BEYOND Life Coaching honors the rich personal assets seniors of all ages can bring to private and public life as well as the growth that can come from life’s challenges.

The New BOOMERS AND BEYOND Program Includes:

  • Topical Workshops (see topics below)
  • Ongoing Facilitated Life Coaching Groups
  • Book Discussion Groups and Classes
  • Individual Life Coaching

1. Topical Workshops
(a half-day workshop with time to socialize; follow-up opportunities for 1:1 and group experiences).

These are topical, interactive, experiential workshops with written and talking exercises and facilitated discussions. Examples of topics are:

* The Art of Small Talk
(turning small talk into big talk to encourage positive human connections).

* Beyond Matchmaking
(relationship-building — especially for senior singles).

* Managing Procrastination Habits with Kindness
(moving forward at our own sustainable pace).

* Taking Stock
(taking an inventory of favorite character strengths and virtues, cherished values, and preferred skill sets).

* Beyond Flexing the Wish Muscle
(dream catching at any age — when we we’re not done yet).

* Meaningful Pathways
(consciously creating hope — which is more effective than wishful thinking).

* Entrepreneurship for Seniors
(turning our interests and competence into livelihood help).

* Turning Challenge into Growth Opportunities
(shows up on my personal agenda every day now).

2. Meaningful Pathways” group
(a 2-hour, weekly, ongoing, facilitated life coaching group with time to socialize before and after).

This is a facilitated coaching lab, a working coaching circle that is more than a support group — for people at any age who are pressing reset to design their lives with richer meaning and a goal of improved well-being.

My intention is to create a special forum that consciously includes seniors where we support growth by  remembering to use our many unique character strengths and virtues.  But this cross-generational Meaningful Pathways group will be useful and broadening for all ages. It’s been my experience — in my own life and in my coaching — that rethinking our lives can happen at any age.

Ideally 5-10 people, these Meaningful Pathways groups offer a cost-effective alternative to 1:1 coaching. More than that, they offer the benefits of group input and relationship-building connections. Building our connections with each other is more important than ever — at any age.

Currently, groups are open to new members at any time, but pre-registration is preferred.

3. Book discussion groups and classes
(facilitated and focused on learning from each other and from a stimulating book of interest;
1-1/2 hours with time to socialize before and after):

For example:
This Chair Rocks: a Manifesto Against Ageism (Ashton Applewhite, author)
Disrupt Aging (Jo Ann Jenkins. AARP CEO)
Flourish (Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D.)
Learned Optimism (Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D.)

The first two books are full of facts and each offers a re-framing of the “old age paradigm.”  Flourish and Learned Optimism are self-help classics in the field of applied positive psychology — useful to us at any age. Available at library. Please contact me to nominate other resources.

My experience so far with life coaching for seniors is that, far from decline, we have important growth spurts in different ways throughout later life. These book discussions will trigger transformational growth experiences as we live our challenges.

The result I’m looking for from these book groups is creation of a supportive, facilitated space that permits us to grow through a kind of transformative, consciousness-raising experience together.

4. One-on-one BOOMERS AND BEYOND Life Coaching
(in-person, by phone and email; I specialize in helping you discover how to flourish at any age).


Summer Introductory Reduced Fees vary for 1-4 above: 
I offer reduced-fee packages, scholarships, and other adjustments on fees as needed. Some services can be paid for with a donation. My goal is to create win-win packages with no one turned away.

     *   $20 for one 2-hour group meeting (ongoing weekly); facilitated book
           discussion groups/classes;
     *   $40 for a half-day workshop;
     *   $60/hour for introductory individual walk-in coaching. 
     *   $100/hour individual coaching by prepaid reservation.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for above, please call or email me. Gift certificates are available with the same variety of reduced fee strategies. They can be for specific services or decided by the giftee.

Pre-registration: A brief phone conversation allows me to customize content and answer questions.

Times: daytime or evenings during the week; weekends. Schedule varies based on your needs.  Please call.

Place: convenient locations such as various meeting and class rooms, Cafe Luna, Minglement, Vashon Senior Center, Vashon Community Care, Tree of Life Wellness Center (coming to VIA), Vashon’s library, Ober Park (parks and recreation). 

FYI about me:

I’ve been passionate about offering life coaching services for a quarter century. In my own “mosaic career” of both professional and avocational work, I’m also a musician; actor; writer; Web publisher; inventor/entrepreneur; and movement arts enthusiast.

My approach to life coaching has always incorporated the principles underlying the human potential movement, humanistic psychology, and the new scientifically-informed field of applied positive psychology and coaching ( ~1998). My professional training includes a Master in Social Work degree (MSW) with academics, research, and practical training in adjustment to chronic illness, group facilitation, and 1:1 counseling.

I enjoy all of this work that I do, but my passion in life is life coaching.


Reach out to me if you are curious — I’d love to know your thoughts.

Laura Worth, MSW
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at any age — for a quarter century.™

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